About Us

We produce Wheat, Rice, Strwberries and Vegetables.

Khaitibaari Farms is the largest strawberry and other seasonal vegetable growers, with acres of wheat, rice, onion, cucumber, chilies, bitter gourd, and strawberries in production. Khaitibaari Farms is committed to assuring customers that its products have been grown and handled according to the highest possible standards in the marketplace.

Farm Information


Our journey commenced in the year 1947, with a vision to bring in the freshness of premium quality fruits and vegetables to the market of Pakistan.Located near Lahore City, Pakistan, our family continues to enhance the quality of our produce by harvesting at peak ripeness to ensure only the freshest fruits and vegetables make it to stores.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of development as it relates to customers’ needs, global trends and industry requirements. Our strategic partnering with our local and international customers will lead us to be the most relied on the supplier of fresh fruits & Vegetables in the region.


Having years of experience

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We grow cucumber, bitter gourd , chilies and tomatoes. We also provide high-quality seeds and plants.

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Fresh Fruits

We grow fresh strawberries and provide plants and consultancy about the strawberry crop.

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We have highly qualified engineers to help you to set up a greenhouse, net house and walk in tunnel


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Email: khaitibaari@gmail.com

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Email: ranauzair383@gmail.com

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